Do you Ike climbing? Was the question on Saturday afternoon. Mountain hiking was meant from Sunny, or actually San Hy. Together with the Lithuanians Donatas, the Hungarians Jonathan, Mr. Chan and the four Hungarian volunteers we started 20 min after the question: 1h hour drive further to Assasin, the city with the Royal Onchan (hot spring) to stay in a motel. Korean motels consist of one room and a stack of sheets, a TV and a water cooler, sometimes a resque box, as was the case with us.

In the evening, the motel Onchan was unfortunately closed, but we still had the opportunity to keep our feet in a royal foot basin, where about 45 degrees hot water flows through (hurting starts from 42). At 5 05 a.m. we should be ready to start. When we submitted the alarm for 4 50 clock we did not know that we get around 4 30 Clock waken up by Mr. Chan, loud knocking at the door and torn from sleep. We had to move at lightning speed and with sleep in the motel own reopened Onchan. Until I was awake I was already trying to step in 45 degree warm water pool without regarding to the other Koreans with red skin down from their belly  (Yes, we hasn´t been alone at 4 30 ) 20 min later and also red from the midsection down we were out again, taken to a parking lot and got on a bus with toilet paper. Now I also understand that we are not traveling on a small hike with Sunny, she has connected us to the KMCC, the Korean Mount Climbing Club. Travelling with a Korean Group is for us foreigners from outside something strange, but being put in we understand very fast how well all is being organized and we have a lot of fun, mostly after Jonathan idea to sing in the bus.

Initially it was still raining but for the high tech clothing to our companions it doesn´t matter. Later it stopped and we got delicious appetizers and travel proviant given from our group members. After about 4 hours we arrived at the top, where we enjoyed noodle soup, cooked in the brought pot.

Walking down I dawdled a bit talking with Sunny. That was probably the reason why we’ve been down on the other side of the mountain as the group, but we still found two more KMCC’ler. Since that I know that a mountain hiker need money for the taxi for the way half around the mountain, at least if he wants to enjoy  fresh mountain vegetables and rice with Soju and Makele in a nice Company.

Mountain hiking is an infection, meanwhile we went up to two other mountains, this time not with the KMCC, but always five in a car just before Sunny’s work starts between five and nine.

There were rewards like a sunrise at the top (584m) together with monk recitations from the valley carried softly up like morning mist.