The object is realized for the school exchange programm betwen the »Sieffs & Marks School«, Jerusalem and the Melanchthon- Gymnasium Nürnberg as a symbol of a kind of »growing together«. It is built togehter with students of both schools during the first exchange program in February 2014.

The twin of this hanging garden in the assembly hall of the »Sieffs & Marks School«, will be installed in the culture garden of the Melanchthon-Gymnasium in Nuernberg, Germany. Both »horti conclusi« are built in a way, that a maximum of five persons can enter it just with their heads. There they will find a secret place of contemplation in nature and the idea of taking a turn back to the human origins.

The hanging garden / »hortus conclusus« is also a connection to the biblical imagination of a paradise Schir ha-Schirim (שיר‭ ‬השירים) and the christian glory of Mary in the secret garden.

This living garden represents a living exchange.

This living garden is a growing and constantly changing installation of international understanding.

This art object is a cooperation of Melanchthon-Gymnasium and »Sieffs and Marks School« as a symbol of their growing friendship